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講座回放 | 警察對家暴干預執法的態度:反家暴法培訓成效如何?

Chinese Police Officers' Attitude towards Domestic Violence (DV) Interventions: Do Training and Knowledge of the Anti-Domestic Violence Law Matter

Speaker gave a general overview of domestic violence in China; and presented his findings on Chinese police officers’ attitude towards DV intervention based on a survey distributed to them. Discussed the policy implications of the results and argued that the continuing non-interventionist attitude of police officers even after the enactment of Anti-DV Law is attributable to unclear policy mandate.

Speaker: Kai Lin, Assistant Professor, Division of Criminal Justice, California State University, Sacramento




視頻回放 (YouTube)

02:02 Domestic Violence (DV) and Anti-DV Law in China

14:30 The Implementation of the Anti-DV Law

21:36 The Current Study

33:30 Policy & Advocacy Implications

[中文版本] PowerPoint (簡報 / 幻燈片) 下載:

PPT_Domestic Violence_20220606_CN
下載 PDF • 8.57MB

[英文版本/ English Version] PowerPoint (簡報 / 幻燈片) 下載:

PPT_Domestic Violence_20220606_ENG
下載 PDF • 11.96MB
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