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講座回放 | 性尊嚴與性暴力法律

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法律與性別研究 前沿系列講座



當代對性暴力的理解大多以「性同意」和「性自主」為基礎,但「尊嚴」亦屬常見的司法概念。本講座有幸邀得新西蘭學者Anna High博士,她將追溯「性尊嚴」的演變,並歸納出一個大致符合現今社會共識與女權主義的定義。在此基礎上,講者構建了一個理論框架,用以評估不同普通法國家的性暴力案例中如何應用「尊嚴」這個概念,梳理「尊嚴」在實踐中會出現的型態,並分析它們是否符合女權主義的觀念。最後,講者會衡量「性尊嚴」理論的利弊,例如其概念上的廣泛容性及隨之而來的陷阱。本次討論將會強調語言在法律層面的力量,以及它如何影響與性暴力有關的法律、道德和政治論述。

講者:Anna High 博士,奧塔哥大學法律學院副教授

與談人:Puja Kapai,香港大學法律學院副教授


Frontiers of Law and Gender Webinar Series

Sexual Dignity and Rape Law

Contemporary understanding of sexual violence is often underpinned by 'consent' and 'sexual autonomy', but 'dignity' also emerges as a common juridical device in this context. Our speaker, Dr. Anna High, will trace the evolution of 'sexual dignity' as we move towards a feminist consensus on its definition. From there, Dr. High has developed a thematic framework to evaluate the use of 'dignity' in sexual violence caselaw across different common law jurisdictions, examining for emerging patterns in practice and assessing if they hold up to feminist accounts. Finally, the 'dignity' framework will be considered critically, highlighting its capaciousness as well as the pitfalls that come with it. Join us for an essential discussion on the power of legal language, and how it may influence legal, moral and political discourses on sexual violence.

Dr. Anna High is an Associate Professor from the University of Otago and the co-director of the Otago Centre for Law and Society. Her research focuses are feminist theory/sexual violence, evidence law, and Chinese law.

HKU Faculty of Law's Associate Professor and Convenor of Women’s Studies Research Centre, Puja Kapai, will also join this webinar as a discussant.

Date: May 4, 2023

視頻回放 (YouTube) :

01:32 “Dignity Talk” in Sexual Violence Case-law and Media

05:10 Dignity’s Moral Authority

10:43 Sexual Dignity in Feminist Theory

14:30 Sexual Dignity in Case Law

23:25 Discussion and Critique

29:37 Puja Kapai’s Comments

43:07 Q&A Session

Dr. High's paper (PDF version) 下載:


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