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平等權與2030議程系列講座 -可持續發展目標何以實現?亞太地區爭取發展正義與婦女權利的啓示

香港大學法律學院平等權項目 平等權與2030議程系列講座

Is Agenda 2030 Achievable? The Struggle for Development Justice and Women's Human Rights in Asia Pacific


There is an urgent call from different civil society groups and communities to accelerate the SDG targets by strengthening multilateral commitments and addressing the root causes of the crisis. The pandemic exacerbated by the economic and climate crisis has further marginalised and oppressed grassroots women from the global south. This presentation will look at the systemic barriers towards achievement of genuine sustainable development for women and introduce Development Justice, and share stories of resistances across the region.

Speaker: April Porteria, Asia Pacific Forum on Women, Law and Development-APWLD

Date & Time: September 15, 2022 (Thursday) 7:30pm-9:30pm (Hong Kong Time)
Delivered in English with simultaneous interpretation in Mandarin and Chinese closed captions

via Zoom Meeting


講者:April Porteria

亞太區婦女、法律與發展論壇(Asia Pacific Forum on Women, Law and Development- APWLD)項目官員。APWLD結合多個亞太地區婦女組織和倡議者,亦為亞太地區民間社會組織參與機制(APRCEM)的聯合主席之一。

講座時間:2022年9月15日 週四 晚上7:30-9:30 (香港時間)

Registration Link 登記連結:

Prior Registration is required.

或掃描海報中的二維碼報名參加 (須預先報名,截止報名日期為9月15日週四下午5點,成功報名之人士將透過電郵收到直播連結。)

This online event is organized by Equality Rights Project, Faculty of Law, HKU. For inquiries, please email 此講座由香港大學法律學院平等權項目 舉辦。如有任何查詢,請致信

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